Selling online: Where to sell products?

sell products

If you are planning on becoming an online retailer, you should know that there are many online marketplaces that can help your business. With their help, you will be able to reach thousands of buyers from every corner of our planet. Of course, every online marketplace/platform is different – it has a unique design, rules, and plan. If you don’t have time to do research, you should keep reading this blog post because we will reveal some of the best places where you can sell online.


eBay is one of the first websites that have made selling online easy. It was launched 23 years ago and today this is one of the most popular websites in many countries. What’s important to remember about eBay is that the fee for selling any product here is 10% of the total sale value (up to $750). In case you want to list over 50 products per month you can expect additional small fees. After a while, you can get a Power Seller status and at this point, you should analyze the eBay store offers.


Etsy is an online marketplace focused on handmade and custom-made products. It started as a small website, but it’s now one of the leaders in this field. There are a million merchants on this site offering millions of products. They have a relatively small fee – $0.20 per product listed and a transaction fee of 3.5%. Unfortunately, they don’t have a special status for their most successful sellers.


This is the place where you will find almost 30,000 registered businesses. Retailers focused on home, art, beauty, and fashion will find Bonanza especially attractive. One of the things that make Bonanza special is that there are no listing fees involved. However, you should know that Bonanza charges a 3.5% closing fee on sales (only the ones under $500). If the sale is more valuable you can expect a 1.5% closing fee.


Amazon is one of the reasons why online shopping has become this popular. Today, Amazon has a marketplace program for individual and professionals sellers. The latter allows sellers to offer more than 40 products per month. It also has a referral fee and a monthly subscription fee. The professional seller subscription provides a wide range of tools and options like special promos, shipping rates customization, reporting tools, analytics tools, bulk listings and more.